Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall 2011 Courses

Topics in Lit/Crit Theory (Carrie Brecke)
What does it mean to read a text? How do the perspectives we bring to reading shape and limit our understanding? This course will focus on one primary text and a wide range of theoretical materials; through intensive study and discussion, students will develop the tools necessary for graduate study in English, and will leave the course with a better sense of the critical and methodological frameworks they might bring to their future work in the discipline.

Fiction I (Kyle Beachy)
Workshop on the craft of the short story; emphasis on the various means of storytelling: point of view, tone, character development, and plot.

Fiction III/IV (Christine Sneed)
Workshop further develops the advanced writer's craft; some emphasis on preparing fiction manuscripts for submission and publication.

Nonfiction II/III (Kathleen Rooney)
Workshop further developing the art of the non-fiction story, close readings and discussion on books and stories of non-fiction, and analysis of student work, preparing them for future publication. 

Oyez Review Literary Magazine Internship (Janet Wondra)
All student staff edits Oyez Review, a literary journal featuring fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction, published at Roosevelt for 35 years. Hands-on internship in editing, designing, producing, publicizing, and distributing the journal. Some instruction in protocols for book, magazine, and newsletter publishing.

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