Monday, March 8, 2010

Summer 2010 Courses

Screen Writing I/II (Professor T.B.A.)
An exploration--through close analysis of screenplays and practical writing exercises--of fundamental screenwriting principles, with an emphasis on feature films. The course will be taught partly as a seminar and partly as a workshop. By the end of the course, students will have written, workshopped, and revised a short screenplay and produced a number of weekly précis on various aspects of screenwriting craft. There will also be some discussion of practical steps leading to screenplay production.

Gender in Horror (Frank Rogaczewski)
Description forthcoming.

Advanced Studies in Literary Genre: Will Write for Food (Julie Stanford)
The recent explosion in food writing has created the theme of this Advanced Topics in Literary Genre course. We will explore the role of food through several different genres, including: autobiographies and memoirs, sociological and anthropological, cultural and political, restaurant reviews and critiques, cookbooks and recipes, film, blogs, and theory. Students will read texts from a variety of disciplines, write several short essays, conduct ethnographic research and food reviews, and produce a final research project.

Composition Theory--Online (Carrie Brecke)
Cultural, cognitive, and political theories about the acquisition and practice of advanced literacy skills. The roles that reading, direct grammar instruction, rhetoric, and revision play in various approaches to the teaching of writing. *This course is required for Roosevelt's Graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Writing.

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